Discover the Anson Analytics Difference

Anson Analytics is an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing comprehensive investment counsel to Institutions, Individuals, Families and Trusts. We manage approximately $108 million in discretionary assets. We consult on 401(k) and defined benefit plans across the country.

Our significant industry experience and conflict-free business model can deliver clear benefits to our clients. We are committed to providing long-term, consistent, and well-researched investment advice.


Anson is an employee-owned, independent advisory firm, so our advice is not influenced by a corporate parent or third-party relationships. We are free to choose the right solutions for our clients regardless of the source. We always put our clients first.

Fee Only

As a fee-only financial advisory firm, Anson does not accept commissions or referral fees from third-party service or product providers. We are paid solely by our clients for unbiased advice and we are focused on the single objective of selecting the best investments for our clients portfolio.We believe in full transparency and disclosure.


As a fiduciary, we act in our clients’ best interest and make recommendations accordingly. Our entire philosophy of business is based on trust. We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to know them personally and walk beside them as a member of their team. As credentialed professionals, we subscribe to the highest ethical standards.


Effectively managing wealth requires technical knowledge of global and domestic markets, macro and microeconomics, as well as the ability to create a diverse portfolio of investments. As experienced professionals, we base our investment strategies on extensive research and market knowledge. Our systematic approach to making investment decisions uses mathematical or statistical models to evaluate data on the fundamental value, risk, liquidity and momentum of thousands of individual securities, entire asset classes, and countries.

Benchmarked Excellence

As a privately owned Independent advisory firm, our clients can have a personal one-on-one relationship with their portfolio manager. Yet they also benefit from our employment of disciplines similar to some of the largest endowments and pension funds in the world.