Is this you?

You are overwhelmed by the amount of investment information and opinions out there. You need to find an investment process that is rigorous and defined but don’t know where to find it.

You are fearful of working with a financial planner or broker because you are unsure that they genuinely put your interests first. You also question their true qualifications and ability to manage portfolios.

Our clients understand the fluidity of the market and the risks and rewards of investments. They desire to earn returns in a risk-managed way and to have an accessible, credentialed, and experienced portfolio manager. They are seeking someone who has an in-depth understanding of global markets.

We are not right for every person or family.

Our typical client has investment assets of at least $1,000,000 USD.

Anson Analytics manages Taxable accounts, IRA accounts, and Trust accounts for Individuals and Families.

We work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We are trusted by client professionals, such as engineers and physicians, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs. Our best clients are seeking returns but also possess a clear understanding of risk. They are curious and patient; intellectual but trusting. Although the clients we serve are experts in their field, they recognize that they are not experts in investment portfolio management. They delegate and respect our advice.

Our clients have one or more of the following situations:

Are any of these statements true for you?

1Your assets have become too significant to be managed by a broker, financial planner, or insurance representative.
You began growing your savings early and now have a significant investment portfolio upon which your well-being depends. You desire increased investment capabilities open only to accredited investors. Rather than working with a representative, you desire to work directly with a Portfolio Manager who has the background and experience to shepherd your portfolio prudently.
2The world has changed drastically over the past decade, but your investment portfolio has not changed to reflect new opportunities and risks.
Your broker seems stuck giving you the same advice he or she gave you five or ten years ago. Their approach to investment management does not mirror the changes in opportunities, portfolio management techniques, or economic risks that have evolved.
3Your portfolio has performed in-line with your expectations, but you have outgrown the cookie cutter portfolio advice and canned answers that your broker or agent provides.
You are not necessarily dissatisfied with your portfolio’s performance, but you desire to work with someone capable of independent thought and custom portfolios.
4Your current investment representative is a great financial planner, but you wonder if there is someone more qualified to manage your investments.
You need an independent, in-depth portfolio management process applied to your life savings. The risks and challenges of investing are real to you and you deserve to be advised by experienced, credentialed professionals.
5You are concerned that your current firm or advisor is not obligated to work in your best interest.
You ask them if they will accept fiduciary responsibility and they dodge the question. You wonder if there are better investments or lower-cost funds in which you could be placed, but you fear the cost and risk of making the change.
6You are tired of the burnout and stress of managing your own portfolio.
You believe in the fundamentals of diversification and have a long-term outlook, but also desire to add institutional-level investments in specialized areas when the business case is compelling.
7You desire institutional-quality portfolio management, but do not know where to find it.
You are frustrated not knowing how much risk is in your portfolio or how to manage it. You are overwhelmed with the amount of investment information and opinions out there and simply want credible and trustworthy strategies.
8You are tired of the stock market’s rollercoaster, yet need returns to grow your portfolio.
You are hoping that adding more specialized investments can smooth the ups and downs in your wealth.

We serve the following kinds of clients:

We work with business owners, professionals, and families who are financial delegators.

They are willing to delegate oversight of their investments as trust is earned, but also desire to remain informed. They appreciate the value of our advice and are willing to pay for it.

Our clients adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and expect the same from us.

If clients want to take ethical shortcuts, then we are not right for them.

We work with clients who are neither market timers, stock-pickers nor day traders.

Our clients are not seeking to ‘beat the market,’ but are interested in well-researched, broadly diversified portfolios. They are long-term oriented and know that there are no instant solutions or riskless investments.

Our clients appreciate the value of working directly with a credentialed and experienced Portfolio Manager.

They value collaboration and shared decision-making.

We work with clients that are interested in making a contribution to society.

Our clients are serious about making a difference in the lives of people around them and passing on their wealth wisely. Simply put, our clients want to make an impact.
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