What is it like to work with Anson Analytics?

We believe in a holistic approach which encompasses financial planning, estate planning, and investment management.

We are able to integrate private offerings and alternative investments to potentially increase the stability of portfolios.

We are independent, objective, and always conflict-free.

Our freedom from loyalty to any bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company provides us with a unique strength. Our work is heavily process-oriented and involves no commission work.

We make objective investment decisions rooted in peer-reviewed academic research.

Our approach is both quantitative and qualitative, as well as forward-looking. We allocate investments and diversify based on short-term and long-term risk factors.

Expected Results

Your assets will be directly managed by qualified and credentialed professionals with decades of experience.

Our advice to you will always be conflict-free because we do not accept commissions.

You will be charged a fair fee and all costs will be fully disclosed in plain English.

 Your portfolio will be invested in institutional-quality, private and public funds.

Risks will be quantified and diversification emphasized.

Your portfolio will reflect the fact that the world has changed.

The new economic reality brings both risks and opportunities. Your portfolio will be structured to potentially gain from the opportunities and mitigate risks.

You will gain the peace of mind of knowing that we act as a fiduciary of your assets.

There is no doubt that we are working in your best interest. Both morally and legally, we stand with you. We do not work on commission. Period.