Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

OCIO Solutions

  • Investment Policy
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Structure
  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • Cash Management
  • Manager Search

Our Process:



Top-Down Forward-Looking Capital Market Research

Evaluates global economic scenarios by probability

Identify asset classes and strategies likely to benefit



Risk Analysis

Identify economic headwinds, geopolitical risks

Identify asset classes and strategies likely to experience negative returns



Bottom-Up Research

Identify asset classes attractive on an absolute return basis



Active Asset Allocation

Seeks to outperform benchmark through over-under-allocation

Our Platform:

Strategic Advice

Goal Setting and monitoring

Asset / liability study

Investment policy formulation

Investment Management

Portfolio structure

Manager research and selection

Dynamic asset management

Risk Management & Monitoring

Multi-level risk analysis and reporting

Consolidated portfolio analysis and reporting

Stress testing