Corporate Retirement Plans

Independent Investment Consulting for 401(k) and Defined Benefit Plans

Anson’s Four Key Areas of Service

Anson Analytics offers comprehensive investment consulting for companies who genuinely want a better retirement for their employees. We work with plan sponsors and committees to provide a long-term, consistent, and documented process to improve each aspect of their 401(k) and Defined Benefit Plan.

Fiduciary Oversight

We stand by you as a Named Fiduciary for your plan and help mitigate legal and regulatory risks.


Offer total fee transparency, establish reasonable plan fees, and uncover any hidden fees.


In-depth and unbiased fund analysis, ensure broad diversification.


On-going Participant
education and advice,
continuous oversight.

Anson Analytics is a fee-only investment consulting firm and we do not accept commissions. This allows us to offer unbiased advice in the BEST interest of our clients at all times. Because we are independent, there is no need to change providers or platforms when you choose to work with us.

Who We Serve:



Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors or Committees who struggle with, and are overwhelmed by, compliance issues and government regulations surrounding their retirement plan.



Business Owners

Business owners and executives who understand that direct financial advice greatly increases their employees’ chances of successfully retiring.



High Level Executives

CEOs, CFOs, and HR Managers who are willing to delegate financial decision-making for their company’s retirement plan.



Plan Fiduciaries

Plan Sponsors that realize they have no true fiduciary to stand beside them should they be audited or face a lawsuit.

What You Can Expect When Working With Anson

Open Architecture Approach

Improved Participation Rates

Overall plan costs reduced

Increased Participant Contributions

Total Fee Transparency

Fiduciary Risks Lowered