Private Wealth Investors

Private Wealth Investors

Anson Analytics works with professionals, business owners and families who are financial delegators. We provide investment counsel for brokerage and retirement accounts, endowments and trusts with assets beginning at $1,000,000 per client. Our clients recognize that the investment landscape continues to grow in complexity and they want to work with a firm that offers portfolios of extensively researched investment selections.

We are not right for every person or family. Our clients desire to earn returns in a risk-managed way. They also adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and expect the same from us. If a client wants to take ethical shortcuts, then we are not right for them.

Our clients are also interested in making a contribution to society. Although their portfolios must grow to meet their financial needs, they also live with a sense of mission and purpose in life. Our clients are serious about making a difference in the lives of people around them and they are serious about passing on their wealth wisely. Simply put, our clients want to make an impact.

Wealth Management Solutions
Evaluation of Goals, Objectives, and Risks

Anson Analytics works closely with each client, assessing their current financial condition and objectives, as well as their risk tolerance. We will develop a long-term strategy designed to align with objectives and risk parameters.

Implementation of Customized Investment Strategies

Anson Analytics will recommend specific strategies and investments to implement the optimal asset allocation plan. We consider the optimal tax location of each investment if you have tax-deferred and taxable accounts. We also factor in possible capital gains or losses.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

Once the portfolio design is implemented, we will work to control risk by monitoring the underlying investments and periodically rebalancing to the target asset class weight. Rebalancing occurs on the basis of how far markets have moved the portfolio allocation from the target. We utilize robust portfolio management and rebalancing technologies that allow for the monitoring and oversight of all portfolio holdings and their allocations for the assets we manage.

Open Collaboration with Outside Specialists

Anson Analytics is concerned about all aspects of our clients’ wealth management. We work with outside CPA’s, attorneys and other specialists to ensure that our clients tax and estate needs are addressed.

Holistic Integrated Wealth Management

We believe that investment management works best when coupled with retirement planning, estate planning and philanthropy. Anson Analytics considers all of these components and we offer our clients an Integrated Wealth Management approach that looks our clients’ complete financial situation in order to ensure the best possible financial outcome.

Anson Analytics provides individuals, families, trusts and endowments a full range of wealth management solutions. We work with our clients to evaluate the full scope of their needs and implement only those strategies needed to meet their unique objectives.