Corporate Retirement Plans

We offer comprehensive investment consulting for companies who take their fiduciary role seriously and genuinely want a better retirement plan for their employees. We are not right for every 401(k) or Defined Benefit plan sponsor.

Our clients are concerned about investment diversification, returns, transparency of fees, and employee education. They are searching for a consultant who will provide a long-term, consistent, and documented process to improve each aspect of their 401(k) or Defined Benefit plan.

Our clients have one or more of the following situations:

Are any of these statements true for you?

1Your company has outgrown its current plan.
We understand your concerns, issues, and problems. You began with a ‘starter’ 401(k) plan when your company was getting going. Now your company’s 401(k) plan has become a major asset, but your vendor is still treating you like a start-up plan. Your vendor has not grown your plan’s capabilities or reduced its cost, even as the assets within the plan have climbed.
2You need help with ERISA compliance, investment monitoring, and fee disclosure, but do not wish to change your 401(k) vendor.
You need to find an independent consultant who works with any 401(k) platform provider.
3You have a great 401(k) plan, but no one is providing your employees with one-on-one investment advice.
You know that employee education increases retirement savings, but you cannot find a firm that provides the necessary advice and guidance.
4You are concerned about the regulatory and legal burdens of your 401(k) or Defined Benefit plan.
Your advisor, though good, is not a dedicated ERISA specialist. Although your current vendor provides tools and templates, no one is specifically shouldering the responsibility for your plan. You need a documented process that maintains regulatory compliance and supports plan decision making.
5You are concerned that your current vendor or advisor is not obligated to work in your best interest.
They are not true fiduciaries. In fact, you do not believe that your current vendor is providing clear, transparent fee disclosure.
6You need a credentialed and experienced investment professional advising you on the investment menu.
You need someone who uses objective metrics to evaluate plan investments.
7You believe that better investments or lower cost funds might be available on another platform, but fear the cost and risk of changing 401(k) providers.
The grass is always greener on the other side, but we make sure you're in the right field to begin with.
8You want to reduce business costs related to your plan.
You are tired of not knowing what fees you are being charged. You are unsure of the true costs of your 401(k) plan even with the new fee disclosure requirements, and you need someone to simplify it for you.

We serve the following kinds of clients:

CEOs, CFOs and HR Managers who are willing to delegate financial decision-making.

They realize that they cannot know everything and are willing to seek professional advice to expand their knowledge and expertise. They appreciate the value of our advice and are willing to pay for it.

Companies that adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

If you want to take ethical shortcuts, we are not for you.

Business owners and executives who care about their employees and realize that direct financial advice greatly increases their employees’ chances of successfully retiring.

They are passionate about their goals and realize that expert, professional advice and support is critical to accomplishing those goals.

CEOs, CFOs, and HR managers who need their retirement plan to help attract and recruit the most qualified employees to their company.

Plan sponsors who struggle with, and are overwhelmed by, compliance issues and government regulations.

Plan sponsors who realize that they have no true fiduciary to stand beside them should they be audited or face a lawsuit.

Companies that are interested in making a contribution to society.

Although businesses must be profitable to thrive, the businesses with which we work are also serious about making a difference in the lives of their employees, customers, and communities.
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