Our Guiding Beliefs & Values


Every person deserves the chance to retire with dignity.

We are honored to serve individuals, families, and corporate retirement plans. We want to be a strategic asset for you and we pledge to be here for the long term.


Measuring and managing risk is far more important than chasing returns.

Measuring and managing risk is far more important than targeting total return. Far too many investors fail to understand or contemplate risk. We choose to take the right risks based on the best research.


Making a difference.

We are in the business to make a difference. We see this as a mission, not just an operation. This mindset impacts every decision we make.


Rigorous analytical research, when combined with determination and resolve, can result in extraordinary returns.

Our portfolios are founded on years of first-hand experience over many economic cycles. Our advice is backed by academic research and analysis so that you get empirically-grounded solutions from a firm that is determined to make the best decisions for your portfolio.


Cost Containment is Critical.

Excessive fees can hurt returns. Many times banks and brokerage firms simply overcharge. We are obsessive about cost control.